Cutting Our Way Into the Future

NCS has the equipment and know-how to take on your biggest and most challenging projects. Whether you need to bore deep under utilities, cut through stone, or across a frozen lake, we have the ability and resources to get the job done.

Trenching and Plowing

We strive to leave the areas we work as undisturbed as possible. With state of the art equipment, we are able to create a small slot in the surface of the ground where a conduit or cable can be inserted. This is an alternative to excavating that reduces environmental impact, disruption, and leaves little evidence that the insertion of a pipe has even occurred. We have a wide variety of trenching and plowing equipment that is sure to meet your unique projects' needs.

3 guys laying fiber optic cable with a backhoe and ditch witch.
Red quad track rock saw.
Large yellow rock saw.

Custom Trenching

Is a standard trench not good enough? Do you need to cut through terrain that some say is impossible? NCS has the equipment and horsepower required to get the job done. We have run cable across most of the country through all types of ground. If you need to cut through solid rock, or even run a line across a frozen lake, be assured that NCS is the team of experts to call.

NCS laying fiber across a frozen lake.


Moving utilities from one point to another without destroying any obstacles or surface ground can seem like an impossible task, but with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) it is possible to drill below rivers, roads, and other surfaces without disturbing them. At NCS, we can help you connect utilities in places where traditional trenching is impossible. Commonly used in the installation of public utilities such as electricity, gas, phone, and cable television, our pneumatic boring tools (also known as air hogs) provide a low-cost alternative to directional drilling. We are also fully equipped to do rock drilling, making your impossible task, easy.

Hydroseeding landscaping project

Finishing & Hydro Seeding

One of the most important parts of any project is making it look good after you are done. Perfecting those final touches is one of the key steps in providing a visible finish for the customer. At NCS, we believe that this phase of construction deserves as much detail as any other. Over the years, we have developed a finishing process that helps separate us from the competition.

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